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G-Cloud 9 Approval

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We take great pride in announcing The AntiSocial Engineer Limited has been entered into the G-Cloud 9 Framework and this hopes to signify our ability to sell directly to HMG.

From the 22nd of May 2017, organisations in the public sectors – thats health providers, educational institutions, central and local government, charities and even the police can buy from us . Our business desires a change in the way we work and deal with cyber crime across the UK, we needed G-Cloud 9 to allow us to help with all projects including those concerning CNI (Critical National Infrastructure). We also plan on providing free trials to public services.

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Why is G-Cloud 9 so Important to us?

The G-Cloud 9 framework was created after the announcement of the Governments Data Security Policy, the change set data handling requirements of six variations of OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET. Because the G-Cloud 9 application process covers a series of manual verification requirements our company has now gained the ability to work with data that has been classified as ‘OFFICIAL’, by far the largest percentage of government graded data.

All of our cloud services are exclusively hosted in government approved data centres (UK Cloud), after recent investment at UK Cloud, we now make use of their specialist data centres reserved for when data security is a fundamental aspect of a government project. UK Cloud’s accreditations include:

UKCloud has developed a comprehensive compliance framework which delivers a credible position in four strategic areas: Quality, Information Security, IT Service Management and the Environment.

Quality Management (ISO9001)
UKCloud’s established Quality Management System, certified to ISO9001, delivers robust and effective policies and processes, enabling all parts of the organisation to function efficiently and in a controlled manner.

IT Service Management (ISO20000)
UKCloud acknowledges that the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) represents best practice in the field of IT Service Management, and its service management processes align with the ITIL v3 framework. Our clients can be assured that their contact with UKCloud will be with experienced individuals who have a thorough understanding of our ITIL aligned processes, ensuring that each client solution is being managed and operated in an effective and controlled manner. Alongside its formal ISO20000 certification,

Information Security Management (ISO27001)
Of the utmost importance to UKCloud is the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data: both UKCloud’s own and that entrusted to UKCloud by its clients. UKCloud’s ISO27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) is based upon a robust framework of information security policies and procedures, aligned with the UKCloud Risk Assessment Methodology. 

Personal Data in the Cloud Security (ISO27018)
Enhancing the framework of existing security controls provided by ISO27001, the ISO27018 standard provides a more focused approach to managing the risks associated with personal data within cloud environments. ISO27018-specific controls include the disclosure of the geographic location of personal data, processes for the notification of data disclosures and data breaches, requirements to disclose details of sub-contracted processing activities and regulations relating to a customer’s right to access and delete personal data. 

Cyber Essentials Scheme
UKCloud was one of the first organisations to have successfully achieved both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Go and check our services out on G-Cloud:

Realistic Phishing Assessment

SMS Phishing (Smishing) Assessment

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