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Symantec Data Breach?

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Normally smaller news articles murmur on the internet days before the release of a data breach, we’ve seen it with Equifax and we have seen it with many other corporate giants. But sometimes reading between the lines you can pick out the biggest breaches before they are released. Looking at this article on CFO you could be tricked into thinking it’s another false positive. Another article based on hype – like what we’ve seen on eFail today. But I don’t think it is.

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News article raising suspicion.

When you scratch a bit deeper you also see their share price taking a beating. It’s not clear exactly what is troubling the investors over at Symantec but their share price has dropped to a record low point in their otherwise prosperous history. This isn’t a small change either, with a close to 20bn market cap it would take a large scale breach or similar event to hit it that hard.

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With Symantec being a key player in the antivirus and computer security community, expect the fallout, if it is a data breach to not only be slightly embarrassing but also damaging to the organisations and businesses they protect. This could be nothing, it could be some rogue employee thats caused a scene… a trivial cyber issue thats easy to fix… it really is too early to tell!






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