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G-Cloud 10

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We take great pride in announcing The AntiSocial Engineer Limited has been entered into the G-Cloud 10 Framework and this signifies our ability to sell directly to HMG – in many Digital Marketplace listings we have even been listed first!

From July 2018, organisations in the public sectors – thats health providers, educational institutions, central and local government and even the police can buy from us . The AntiSocial Engineer Limited desires a change in the way we work and deal with cyber crime across the UK, we will rely on G-Cloud 10 to allow us to help with all projects including those concerning CNI (Critical National Infrastructure). We also plan on providing trials to public sector organisations



Why is G-Cloud 10 so important to us?

The G-Cloud 10 framework was created after the announcement of the Governments Data Security Policy, the change set data handling requirements of six variations of OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET. Because the G-Cloud 10 application process covers a series of manual verification requirements and our continued efforts to store your data in government approved data centres our company has now gained the ability to work with data that has been classified as ‘OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE’, by far the largest percentage of government graded data. Rest assured your data is in the safest possible data centres: Read more about where we keep our data. All of our cloud services are exclusively hosted in government approved data centres (UK Cloud), after recent investment at UK Cloud, we now make use of their specialist data centres reserved for when data security is a fundamental aspect of a government project.


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