Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

Titles, Lato 400, uppercase

Paragraph text is written in Lato 300, just like this.

Our chosen primary colours for backgrounds and content types are


rgb(250, 215, 58)


rgb(31, 31, 31)


rgb(255, 255, 255)

Different versions of The AntiSocial Engineer Limited logo are available for use depending on background colour and whatever looks good to be honest.


The same goes for buttons. We aren't precious as long as there's an attractive contrast between the colours used.

"Case Studies and quotes are written in Lato 700, uppercase. The author is written in Lato 300."

- Chris Dyer, The AntiSocial Engineer Limited

"It is clear that knowledge and experience has been developed through practical application of techniques and this will help the YHROCU on a very productive journey with regards to protecting vulnerable businesses. I look forward to continuing this engagement into other projects."


To split up different content sections in the page layout, we add separators of 50px in height at either side of the display screen.

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