Oh No, it looks like you installed a malicious Chrome Extension!


You recently installed a Chrome Extension to your browser, the link to the extension was sent to you as part of a phishing email training exercise.   

The good news is you’re not in any trouble and no harm has been done, but I’m sure you have a few questions about this.



What Happened?

The company you work for periodically checks to see if people click a link within an email sent to them, in doing so they can learn about the risks we all face and develop an understanding of these dangers with employees and provide education – this education then helps us to defend against these potentially damaging ‘phishing’ emails.

As part of this exercise, you were sent a link to install a Chrome Extension from the Chrome Extension store and subsequently, it was installed on your browser. This fact has been noted for training purposes.



Whats The Impact?

Luckily this time nothing bad has happened, with the browser extension installed it will transmit data back to a secure location to be assessed for the purpose of the test and each time data has been sent to us this window will appear informing you of the dangers.

If this was a malicious attack all of your private data could have been sent to criminals that would use it to commit further crimes such as theft and identity frauds. Every time you logged in to a website your passwords would have been forwarded on.



What Do I Do Now?

  • Relax, remember you are not in any trouble, in fact, you have helped the company discover a potential issue that will be resolved to secure us all better.


  • Uninstall the Chrome Extension, in the top right of your Chrome browser. You will see a padlock in an orange circle, this is the malicious extension. Simply 2nd click the button and select ‘remove from Chrome’. Remember if this wasn’t a training exercise the icon might not be so easy to spot and would be designed to blend in more.


  • You do not need to contact anyone.


  • If time permits, take the opportunity to view some simple educational videos designed to help people understand how these kinds of things happen. You can watch these here…