What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering has many meanings, but in the context of The AntiSocial Engineer, it relates to the psychological manipulation of people (usually staff) to perform actions or divulge confidential information. Many methods are used such as Phishing, Vishing and face to face interaction. Read the Wikipedia page for this topic.

Are you available for interview?

It is a pleasure to help companies raise awareness about social engineering. Contact via email Media@TheAntiSocialEngineer.com to discuss your interest.

How are the results displayed?

Following a social engineering assessment, a report will be drafted that includes all the technical components from the assessment, but also advice on remediation and simple solutions. A site debrief is sometimes needed and this will relay the findings on to the board in person.

Do you train staff after testing?

Yes, we offer a range of training options that suit all organisations. We specialise in offering managers and heads of department advanced security training, transferring essential knowledge to where it needs to be. We also have e-learning solutions for end users. Ask us about this!

Can you attempt to break in to our offices?

Whilst we don’t ‘break in’ as such we frequently work with banks and leading organisations to try and gain access to sensitive areas and offices. We do this using tested techniques that exploit humans in the workplace – not with crowbars.

What contracts do I have to sign?

We have a testing contract that will need to be filled in and signed by a senior person within the business. This is our waiver to the laws that protect you from unauthorised computer access and trespass within your business. If the test is to be conducted against a company you are employed by, it is essential you are acting within the remit of your role and company heads are aware

What methodology do you use?

We are not a fan of methodologies. Criminals do not have such a structured approach to crime, they think on their feet and what actions they do can vary largely from victim to victim. We adopt a similar approach carefully assessing what the right thing to do is, in any given situation. Every job is unique, every plan of attack is too.

Have you got a reference?

Principal Consultant Richard De Vere has undergone enhanced security vetting that can be disclosed on request. The AntiSocial Engineer Limited has many happy customers many of which wish to remain anonymous and we respect that right fully. We have several instances of our commissioned work available on request during the initial sales conversations and also open, un-commisioned work as seen here and here.

Why Antisocial?

The AntiSocial Engineer Limited is a business that deals with Social Engineering.

Because Social Engineering is a malicious activity and we are the good guys we are Anti-Social Engineering.

Our company also tries very hard to be different from the norms of the information security industry, we are antisocial in nature.