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Your Free Social Engineering Trial

We would like to offer your organisation the chance to experience our unique style of Information Security testing – at no cost. Covering a short phishing exercise and an introduction to our pioneering SMShing service. Whilst there will be user caps to both trials we feel that by showing you unexplored risks, you will gain the advantage when it comes to protecting your IT systems.

  • Up to 10% of staff users phished – for free.
  • Up to 25 SMShing messages sent- for free.
  • Basic reporting of stats – for free.
  • We are a G-Cloud 9 supplier.


Phishing – Read More…

Assessing who is susceptible to these techniques and who requires training can be a managed over a period of time in a simulation of a real phishing attack campaign. Full analytics will be provided with assessments to report which users have logged on to a cloned portal or clicked on a link inside an email.
Externally facing portals cloned.

  • Credentials harvested and reported on.
  • Several levels of Phishing email simulations.
  • Can be combined with other kinds of Social Engineering assessments.


SMShing (SMS + Phishing) – Read More…

Very similar to how a phishing email works, SMShing will focus on text messages and attacks against staff mobile phones. These can be generic messages or highly focused ‘spears’ akin to Spear Phishing Emails. User statistics such as click through rates of enclosed links, browser & device information are obtained and reported on.

  • SMShing is a commonly used attack vector in the wild yet few businesses adopt assessments into their testing habits. Choosing to defy this trend, your business could benefit from the foresight in testing staff.
  • Custom sender ID, we can mask the sender with a custom name.
  • Full data analytics, every text message traced, Every click and time saved.
  • Guide users to reply with information, click a link or even navigate to a custom login portal that will harvest credentials – right from their mobile phone in seconds.


Why free?
We would rather use our time showing our customers what we do rather than trying to sell to them. Our services are quite niche and occasionally we reach out to sectors that might find us useful. We only ask for a testing contract to be signed, covering the basics like mutual non-disclosure agreements and a scope of works. There is never an obligation to buy.

If you are interested in this free trial, contact us for more information.


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