Intense Social Engineering

The AntiSocial Engineer hosts intensive courses aimed at people wishing to learn more about social engineering. We will provide a unique insight into both our own ethical social engineering assessments and malicious social engineering in the wild that we have helped stop. In a friendly small group scenario we will supply all software and tools that will be needed to follow along with practical workshops, provide live demos to hone your attacking skills and teach you the techniques needed to protect against social engineering attacks.

Starting on an easier to follow foundation level, we will cover the basics of realistic social engineering, advancing through the techniques used by active campaigns. We aim to apply this knowledge to a corporate scenario, giving security personnel the skills needed to implement a good level of social engineering defence within their organisation. 

Day 1 - Foundation Level

Day 1 - Foundation Level

OSINT - Making the most of the openly available data around you.

Staff Enumeration - Whilst automation is easy, we look at the smarter ways to collect data online.

Phishing - An overview of how phishing servers are created and maintained in ethical and malicious campaigns.

Telephony - SMShing and common voice based telephony attacks.

Day 2 - Advanced Level

Day 2 - Advanced Level

Pretexting, Ellicitation, Quid Pro Quo - We will look at the underlying techniques and psychology used by social engineers.

What can an organisation do to stop this?

Redteaming - An indepth look at real redteam assesments.

Post 2018 - Trends in social engineering and how the attacks will vary in the future.

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