We provide support and information to enable your business to adapt new and improved security measures.


Daily Consultancy Service

When your business is focusing on social engineering prevention you might need advice that tailored to your organisation. The AntiSocial Engineer Limited can offer our specialised consultancy services and report on events that are affecting your organisation, using our knowledge can decrease the likely hood of a data breach or financial loss.

By using our consultancy service we can help with understanding risks, analyse existing threats and transfer essential knowledge.


Consultancy can also be an easy way to commission services fast, in order to provide agile security implementations.



Security Culture Development

The term ‘security culture’ is commonly misunderstood so please allow us to relate what it means to us:

Employees of all levels and sectors will actively work to secure the organisation from the inside out. Utilising all they can in their allocated roles to work together, to secure.

  • Heads of IT are praised for finding vulnerabilities and their superiors act on issues that are presented to them.
  • Employees are trained and made aware of risks, this drives further staff education – Not because they have too but because they are logical caring people.
  • Staff can report incidents knowing that these fast reports benefit the business and they will be trained further in response – Not disciplined

Over time the security ethos of the company will change, leading to increased resilience and morale. Cyber security will take a more prominent place within organisational decisions.

Our consultant can share the knowledge that has been gained from driving change within large FTSE companies.


Small Business/SME 1 Hour Support Blocks

Cyber Crime and Frauds effect us all, small businesses shouldn’t be left behind. Statistics from the DTI reveal 70% of SME’s will fail due to a security incident. These smaller businesses are more fragile and normally lack the foresight and experience to handle something like a network breach or complex fraud scenario. The AntiSocial Engineer Limited would like to offer these businesses our support, our input is available in manageable one-hour blocks.


  • Detailed call minutes provided
  • Ideas and plans to help you remediate risks
  • We will help reduce the impact of frauds and cyber crime.
  • Advice and guidance in accordance with CESG best practice
  • Details of further free educational resources
  • Easy Prepayment via


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