Incident Management

The perception of breaches can be very different especially from an outsider looking in. Our incident response team can provide a confidential and objectionable view of an incident, providing advice and guidance on the best way to analyse and respond to a breach to best protect the organisation and individuals involved. The AntiSocial Engineer can help smooth these troubles and even make it a positive experience for you customers. With the experience of working closely with organisations in times of need, we can offer more than advice, we can be there on hand during the toughest times.


Let us help you when you need help the most.

  • Analysis of Phishing Emails
  • Post breach advice and incident response
  • Piecing together a Phishing campaign to see the impact this has had from recorded data
  • Media and press release guidance
  • Negative media suppression


We can also advise on breach reporting, ensuring a breach event doesn’t become a media spectacle. Your customers deserve to know – we will ensure this is done in the correct way.


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