Training Packages

The AntiSocial Engineer Limited offer training packages that aim to teach employees more than simple right from wrong. Training and user awareness are the best preventions from social engineering attacks. Increasing user knowledge will improve employee confidence in being able to spot these malicious attempts in a ‘Business as usual’ environment. Help your staff take hold of the security of your organisation and grow stronger as a result.


To view 5 short educational videos that you can share with your employees today, for free, view our Training Videos.

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Security Culture Development

The term ‘security culture’ is commonly misunderstood, so please allow us to relate what it means to us:

Employees of all levels and sectors will actively work to secure the organisation from the inside out. Utilising all they can in their allocated roles to work together, to secure.

  • Heads of IT are praised for finding vulnerabilities and their superiors act on issues that are presented to them.
  • Employees are trained and made aware of risks, this drives further staff education – Not because they have to, but because they are logical caring people.
  • Staff report incidents without hesitation, knowing that these fast reports benefit the business and they will be trained further in response – Not disciplined.

We can work with your business to train staff of all levels, CEO to Starters! We encourage organic cyber security culture development . People don’t have to be the weakest link, utilising your own employee’s diligence and care is the correct thing to do – Let us show you how.



Click Rate Reduction

Whilst security is almost always multifaceted, sometimes your organisation is tasked with one simple task – Get the click rate down!

Working in response to employee testing we can assess your organisation’s ‘click rate’ this benchmark allows us to analyse just how many people would click the link within an email, then we can work on getting it down and improve upon it. Training can be supplied in many formats; 1-2-1 Sessions, Teacher-Class, Online assessment and Literature.

Bespoke solutions are tailored to fit your business and educate your staff in the best ways possible. After training, we believe in retesting to monitor training effectiveness.

  • Combined effectively with ‘Professional Services – Phishing
  • Always the best training medium for your employees



Call Centre Training

If you run a call centre you will be aware just how many inbound calls could be deemed malicious. Fraudsters regularly target call centres to obtain information about their target. With many call centres in the UK being operated on behalf of third parties it is essential your call centre is not accidentally disclosing information. Protection from ‘Vishing’ calls comes from having staff that recognise the tell-tale signs of a fraudster. The AntiSocial Engineer Limited can:

  • Review independently your businesses call centre operations.
  • Offer training to department managers in how to train effective teams.
  • Train call centre employees directly to spot the signs, how to comply with the requirement of the data protection act and more.

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