Vulnerability Scanning and Web App Testing

A large organisations network can quickly get out of hand. Before you know it, new servers are created, staff bring their own devices and It can be difficult to keep track of this ever changing perimeter.

Where do you stand right now? 


Vulnerability Scanning

An important part of defending your organisation is keeping up to date with new vulnerabilities. Keeping on the forefront of this constantly changing landscape The AntiSocial Engineer Limited can help you gain a clearer picture of your organisation’s weaknesses through regular vulnerability scanning. Monthly reports can be prepared and delivered securely giving you a much needed over view. Manual verification of all faults discovered will illuminate false positives and avoid unneeded concerns, fear uncertainty and doubt. If we email at 3 am you can have the confidence to action further action. Our Vulnerability scanning can include OSINT recon to really search for registered IP’s and domains we combine this data into your scope for you to review.


Web Application Testing

The AntiSocial Engineer Limited Web Application testing is focussed on identifying and assessing all levels of vulnerabilities that exist in your Web Applications. Our service is delivered by world-class security consultants and provides you with a thorough analysis of your entire network from an attackers perspective. The tests are carried out from both the authenticated and un authenticated perspective and will offer an evaluation of the sites security posture from both valid users who aim to escalate access privileges, and unauthorised users, identifying not only vulnerabilities and exploits but key aspects of the Web Application crucial to you.

Our reports which are hand written will include an executive summary along with a more in depth technical summary and a table of applications tested with the total number of vulnerabilities identified at each severity level with hand wrote remediation advice. The methodology we adopt is based on the OSSTMM and OWASP testing methodology, this is to ensure all attack vectors are covered.


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