Cyber Resilience Week

In support of the Digital Leaders ‘Cyber Resilience Week’ Richard will be speaking at two events:   Monday 11th September 2017 – The DeMontfort University in Leicester – http://digileaders.com/events/securing-business-digital-age Thursday 14th September 2017 – Chelsea Football Club – http://digileaders.com/events/securing-business-digital-age-2   The days will be hosted by the team over at the London Digital Security Centre (LondonDSC.co.uk) and as an alliance partner it will be… Read more →

A Special Partnership With The London Digital Security Centre

When you look at the past few years our business has really started with an idea and developed into something meaningful. It was designed to make a difference to the security industry and post-startup we have began to see the fruits of our labour. At the start of this year we formalised our business aim: The AntiSocial Engineer Limited wants… Read more →