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How to Handle A Data Breach

To a modern business, a data breach can have devastating effects. We have seen TalkTalk hastily bungle, Sage coyly dawdle and much more generally mess it up, it’s got to change. We don’t spend all day hunting these elusive beasts either, but we have had our involvement in both mentioned breaches and feel we could offer some public insight to the very elusive modern mishap.… Read more →

Yorkshire Cyber Security Event – A reflection of the real risks

The AntiSocial Engineer Limited is supporting the Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster to announce the first annual Yorkshire Cyber Security Event taking place on the 12th May at the 3m Buckley Innovation Centre in Huddersfield. We will be talking about our recent research into SIM Swap Fraud and sharing tips on how to keep safe online, we are even providing the refreshments… Read more →

Should brainwaves be used for employee screening?

An interesting article by SC Magazine regarding a study that suggests brainwaves could be used to assess if an applicant will be a security hazard.  At The AntiSocial Engineer we believe staff are never beyond help, we work together to improve our weakest link and we grow stronger. Thanks to Doug at SC Mag for toning down our opinion condemning… Read more →