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A Special Partnership With The London Digital Security Centre

When you look at the past few years our business has really started with an idea and developed into something meaningful. It was designed to make a difference to the security industry and post-startup we have began to see the fruits of our labour. At the start of this year we formalised our business aim: The AntiSocial Engineer Limited wants… Read more →

HMRC Featured Image

Will they send a SMS or won’t they?

Recently I stumbled across a publication from HMRC, it stated the forms of communications they would use to contact the tax paying public. Example messages were displayed in an attempt to ‘whitelist’ communications. Basically, if you receive correspondence that looks like the examples listed, it could be from them. Some excerpts from the article found here read: Text messages HMRC is… Read more →

Introducing SMShing Assessments

SMShing Explained SMShing is a common attack method used in the wild to target companies, using targeted text messages towards staff mobile phones. These messages can be generic or a more focused ‘spear’ type message, depending on how much information is already known by the attacker. The sender ID of any SMS can be edited to use a custom name resulting… Read more →