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Our business was born from passion. Determined to make a change, Richard, the founder of The AntiSocial Engineer Limited wanted to protect people from online cybercrime.


By finding and reporting breaches to companies we hoped to improve security for normal people - people that trust corporate giants with their data. We discovered a vulnerability at TalkTalk, but they refused to listen. We then brought attention to the issue by using media and pushed for a fix.

First Talk

BSides London was home to the first public talk for Richard. Overcoming fears of public speaking due to the need to hone and perfect the art of sharing findings and information to people. 

Introducing SMShing Assessments

Jade Wenban thought it was an odd scenario that many customers would perform phishing assessments, but few organisations considered the risk of SMShing messages. We worked with providers to incorporate SMShing testing into our core AntiPhish service.

Registered With GCloud

Although we were a small business, we knew we had the intention to change an industry and we would need collaboration with government organisations. We registered on to frameworks designed to make working with government easier and provided services to the largest departments.

Started Work With NYP

Working with North Yorkshire Police provided an opportunity to help nurture a national scheme focussed on collaboration with the information security sector and police. The first scheme of it's kind in the UK.

Awarded Medal From MET Police

After years researching sim swap fraud, a discovery into how criminals are likely to be exploiting the system and gaining access to peoples accounts was reported directly to the Metropolitan Police. They could not share the details of the individual cases but were extremely grateful and awarded Richard a medal in recognition of his work.

Jade Started As MD

Jade made an instant impact at The AntiSocial Engineer Limited. Her forward-thinking and management allowed us to scale quickly and help more people than ever before. This strong management style continues to the current day.

First European Customers

Receiving money in a foreign currency, language barriers and legal contracts were just some of the barriers encountered - but we were determined we could shape our business to be accepting of European customers and adapt to make working with international businesses easier.  

Moved into Office

Working with governments and large corporate clients meant we needed a space to call our own. We wanted a small but effective space that people felt welcome. The office was a modern escape to the problems of the world and was designed to be as relaxing as possible whilst retaining security features that were required.

Brand Redesign

Working with a proven graphic design house we developed our branding. An effort was placed on retaining the rebellious and grimey style of the company whilst appealing to a wider audeince of potential organisations.

QA Partnership

In partnership with QA Training, we were able to develop industry-leading courses that could teach students the finer aspects of Social Engineering.

1st Exhibition (Re:Coded)

Cyber Recoded was held at Tobacco Dock in London and was a great success for The AntiSocial Engineer and the Cyber Challenge. The event built upon previous collaboration with the chalenge to help promote information security to a younger, predominantly female demographic that is under-represented in the industry.

1st Full Time Employee

We needed to educate people more efficiently, this meant collaborating with an employee that could transfer complicated topics in a simple to digest manner to a growing army of companies and organisations.

1st Two Government Contracts

After previous phishing support being provided on a consultancy basis, we were happy to receive contract awards for both Scottish and English governmental departments.

1st Large Keynote

After many successful talks and events, Richard headlined the IPEXPO event in London 2019. The event provided a chance to talk candidly about social engineering assessments and experiences.

Extensive Social Engineering, External Penetration and Web Application Assessments - exposing human and technical weaknesses.

AntiPhish Phishing Prevention combines educational phishing campaigns with a realistic experience.

AntiSocial Blacklist identifies if domains are likely to be used for social engineering – before an attack.

A combination of exciting learning methods that are tailored to your organisation - resulting in true security awareness.

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