The AntiSocial AntiGrinch Giveaway

Because it’s Christmas we thought it would be good if we could give back and try to get five six lucky families using a secure password manager – like 1Password. We want to give lucky winners a voucher to start their family off! 

We work with such a varied range of people from some incredible businesses every day. One thing our customers all have in common is the fact they are just terrible at remembering long and complex passwords! They use the same password for different sites. They choose the pets name because it’s simple – they rarely use a password manager and if you require numbers in the password they are likely to scatter in a date of birth or a house number because… well… it’s easier to do that… 

As we have ranted about in previous blogs on passwords here and here, people need to take more care with their passwords as they are a vital component in online security – Good passwords stop criminals exploiting you and your family and what a great gift to give people at this time of year.

Terms and Conditions

We are asking people that want to be in with a chance of winning one of five 1Password vouchers to share this post on social media. It will be our way of finding you when it comes to selecting the winners. 

Entrants must have a family or 4 people they can share the 1Password family setup with and must not be a genuine grinch themselves. 

One voucher will be given away every working day next week between the 17th to 21st of December 2018.

We are not endorsed or affiliated with 1Password, but they have also agreed to chip in and help an extra family stay secure by allowing us to give away a sixth prize of ONE FAMILY FREE FOR A WHOLE YEAR. Thanks 1Password.

This is a gift from The AntiSocial Engineer to people that want some help, no signups (by us), no data grabbing, no sales in disguise.  



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