Our Mission

To reduce victims of cyber-enabled crime, focussing on a reduction of malicious social engineering attacks.

Even the most sophisticated technical measures are vulnerable to a determined social engineer — leaving your data, financial resources and reputation at risk.

The Antisocial Engineer Limited is an ethical social engineering company based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. We help organisations protect themselves against online attacks. We go further than traditional testing by targeting your company the way an attacker would - Identifying weaknesses and helping to improve a multitude of defences.

Business Objectives

1. Continue to bring regulation to UK telecoms industries that will help combat fraudulent communications.

2. Continue to raise awareness of cyber security issues, highlighting the dangers of these issues.

3. Partner with organisations that can mutually benefit from our co-operation.

4. Grow our business by providing professional services to businesses, obtaining a year on year rise in revenue from services - use it to help more businesses and drive public education.

Our Team


Jade Wenban

Managing Director

Jade brings experience of project management,
customer relations and financial planning to The AntiSocial Engineer Limited.


Richard De Vere

Social Engineering Consultant

Richard has an extensive background in penetration testing and social engineering assessments, including ‘red team’ exercises and information gathering assessments for financial institutions and some of the UK’s largest companies.


Avram Marius Gabriel

Web Application Consultant

Avram has an extensive career spanning security consultancy, bug bounty hunting and web application testing.

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