About Us

The Antisocial Engineer Limited is an ethical social engineering consultancy helping organisations to protect themselves against malicious attacks. Our clients range from banks to leading multinationals — anyone with data, financial resources, intellectual property or a reputation to protect.

Principal consultant Richard De Vere has an extensive background in penetration testing and social engineering, including ‘red team’ exercises and information gathering assessments.

Our team includes other experienced social engineers as well as individuals with specific technical strengths.

Web Application Testing is performed by our highly acclaimed ethical hackers, with an extensive public exhibit of bug bounty work.

Clients, Articles & Associates

Previous projects include:

  • Assessing a high street bank for staff vulnerabilities. Our social media assessment identified several weaknesses which have now been addressed through an updated social media policy.
  • Providing phishing simulations to government organisations in the role of lead technical consultant for an e-learning training company.
  • Simulated phishing attacks on a leading pharmaceutical company looking to protect the confidentiality of drug pipeline data. New induction and training programs were introduced as a result.
  • Penetration testing for a hedge fund, assessing both technical and social engineering vulnerabilities. Our assessment identified critical security flaws which were subsequently patched.
  • Web application test for a Zoo, ensuring soon to be released e-commerce sites were hardened accordingly.
  • Many more available on request.

Open research:

  • Social Engineering & TalkTalk – Read more
  • SIM Swap Fraud – Porting Your Digital Life – Read More

Published Articles:


Our Business Aim:

  • To reduce victims of cyber-enabled crime, focussing on a reduction of malicious social engineering attacks.


Our Business Objectives:

  • Make a profit by reducing cybercrime, enough to bring year on year a 10% growth in our business.
  • Bring regulation to the sending of SMS messages with masked sender ID’s, the kind of messages commonly utilised by fraudsters.
  • Continue to raise awareness of cyber security issues, highlighting the dangers of these issues.
  • Partner with organisations that align with our business aim and can mutually benefit from our co-operation.


Our Business Values:

  • Stay antisocial, to think differently and contrary to the information security industry as a whole.
  • Help anyone in need of assistance, regardless of direct profit or status.
  • Keep it ego-free, stylish if possible and low key – unless media hype is needed!

Company Number: 09367111

V.A.T Number: 233024358