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All Inclusive Scams

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If there is one thing that always impresses me it’s the ways scammers rotate what they do, many marketing teams could learn a thing or two by watching this. Scammers are always the first ones to exploit seasonal events. Be …

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Looking For Fraud

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Here at The AntiSocial Engineer Limited we are always keen to identify the things that enable social engineers. The name is more than a play on words, our business is all about throwing the spanners into serious organised crime and …

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Twitter is Broken

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For those that aren’t aware of ‘The AntiSocial Engineer Limited’, we are a small cybersecurity consultancy that is trying to reduce the number of online victims of cybercrime. Nothing makes us happier than when organisations do their bit in the …

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Diamonds and Dirt

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I quite like diamonds. Not for their look but for the whole backstory on why they are so desired today. The De Beers ‘cartel’, amongst others,  inflated the price of diamonds since the 1800s. Around 1938 the De Beers diamond group …