Trust in SMS

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Before we get into this blog, can we please just take a second to fondly remember the fallen… for many of us the source of this modern world we now feel so familiar with. You might not remember the the …

Pyrotechnic Pretexts

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We recently saw a video posted by the London Fire Brigade on Twitter and it got us thinking. I’m sure followers of the blog know just what we thought already… It’s probably best to rate the London Fire Brigade on …

How We Could Chat On Your WeChat

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For those of you wanting a technical debrief of what happened, this blog might not be for you. I actually want to focus on something completely different. Please take the TL;Dr and be on your merry way. This is a …

How Low Will They Go?

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True to form, cybercriminals are out in force trying to exploit the recent COVID issue. According to Action-Fraud, they have already netted close to £970,000 from UK victims. Source: Why use COVID-19 in scams? In phishing simulations, we see a …

Turned Off By Ofcom

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In July 2019, Ofcom introduced a new way to handle number portability for UK customers. The idea was a simple one, make it possible for people to text ‘PAC’ to 65075 and within seconds a SIM porting request is in …

Goodbye HTTP?

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It’s now long a long established fact that HTTP is insecure. For those who don’t know, your data isn’t securely encrypted when sent between your device and the website. The lack of security means cybercriminals can easily take a copy …

Screeching at a Poster

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You might have missed last weeks incident on Twitter. It started off as a casual bit of annoyance, but quickly escalated in to a full on witch hunt for the Police. For those of you hiding under a rock and …

Modus Operandi

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Hackers and cybercriminals are often dubbed to be same nefarious character. Hackers are skilled individuals, sometimes without releasing what good they can do with their skills. But what really motivates someone to become a cybercriminal.

Disregard For Data

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We used to report data concerns to companies in the most archaic manner. We became efficient and employed tools such as Spiderfoot HX to help us scale up this discovery processes. We then tried to streamline reporting and even made …

The AntiSocial Engineer Newsletter

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Hello! I am Richard, the founder of The AntiSocial Engineer Limited and I wanted to introduce the new AntiSocial Newsletter. The team and I have waited several years to release a newsletter due to the desire to really make them …