Screeching at a Poster

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You might have missed last weeks incident on Twitter. It started off as a casual bit of annoyance, but quickly escalated in to a full on witch hunt for the Police. For those of you hiding under a rock and …

Modus Operandi

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Hackers and cybercriminals are often dubbed to be same nefarious character. Hackers are skilled individuals, sometimes without releasing what good they can do with their skills. But what really motivates someone to become a cybercriminal.

Disregard For Data

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We used to report data concerns to companies in the most archaic manner. We became efficient and employed tools such as Spiderfoot HX to help us scale up this discovery processes. We then tried to streamline reporting and even made …

The AntiSocial Engineer Newsletter

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Hello! I am Richard, the founder of The AntiSocial Engineer Limited and I wanted to introduce the new AntiSocial Newsletter. The team and I have waited several years to release a newsletter due to the desire to really make them …

Doorstep Data Collection

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Shampoo, bubble bath and room sprays, Avon has everything you need to unwind in aromatherapy euphoria. But would you feel so relaxed knowing that your data might be vulnerable to criminals? For those who don’t know, Avon is a company …

All Inclusive Scams

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If there is one thing that always impresses me it’s the ways scammers rotate what they do, many marketing teams could learn a thing or two by watching this. Scammers are always the first ones to exploit seasonal events. Be …

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Looking For Fraud

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Here at The AntiSocial Engineer Limited we are always keen to identify the things that enable social engineers. The name is more than a play on words, our business is all about throwing the spanners into serious organised crime and …