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Malicious Packets

Recently we had quite an interesting engagement and we have been allowed to share some of the details!   Objective: Gain physical entry to a building for the purpose of impromptu network penetration test and wireless testing. Company Arena: Global Offices, Finance, High Security Chances of a consultant wandering around with a laptop for an hour un-noticed: 0   In the… Read more →

Exploiting Chrome Attacks to Educate Staff

Social engineering attacks can normally be quite deceptive and hard to understand, the attack should be a little like magic in the way a victim should be left questioning how you did it after it’s all over. Although as an industry we try our best to relay usable advice to the vulnerable, to prevent the worst kind of magic from happening! –… Read more →

Gibraltar Cyber Security Summit

We attended the Gibraltar Cyber Security Summit this week. It’s an initiative to bring together policing departments, local authority and cyber crime related experts. Speakers from the AFP, FBI, NCA, GCHQ and others took to the stage to transfer essential knowledge to an audience of Gibraltar’s business delegates.   The line-up of speakers includes some of the industries celebrities such… Read more →

HMRC Featured Image

Will they send a SMS or won’t they?

Recently I stumbled across a publication from HMRC, it stated the forms of communications they would use to contact the tax paying public. Example messages were displayed in an attempt to ‘whitelist’ communications. Basically, if you receive correspondence that looks like the examples listed, it could be from them. Some excerpts from the article found here read: Text messages HMRC is… Read more →

Lawyers Must Recognise the Value of their Data

This is a copy of a guest blog authored for Ascertus Ltd, feel free to read the post over here.   Whilst content in our 9 – 5 employment, slightly resentful that our personal activities aren’t getting the attention they deserve, it’s easy to forget about the true value of things around us – especially their inherent value to other walks… Read more →

InfoSec Interviews – Richard De Vere

Original article by IT Governance: here So a while back I was interviewed by Lewis Morgan from the IT Governance Blog and thought i’d share this on the site. It is a little tongue in cheek reading it back actually! But genuine none the less.   First, let’s quickly cover the basics: what is social engineering? Well, a good question straight… Read more →

Rubbish Security

When considering the security threats your organisation will encounter you would be forgiven if the humble bin slipped your mind. Every instance of this invisible cyber, hacking, scare story we receive on the media these days is referring to ‘complex and sustained attacks’. The innocent rubbish receptacles definitely don’t seem complex… But there is a wealth of knowledge hidden amongst… Read more →

Should brainwaves be used for employee screening?

An interesting article by SC Magazine regarding a study that suggests brainwaves could be used to assess if an applicant will be a security hazard.  At The AntiSocial Engineer we believe staff are never beyond help, we work together to improve our weakest link and we grow stronger. Thanks to Doug at SC Mag for toning down our opinion condemning… Read more →