Modus Operandi

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Hackers and cybercriminals are often dubbed to be same nefarious character. Hackers are skilled individuals, sometimes without releasing what good they can do with their skills. But what really motivates someone to become a cybercriminal.

VPNs for Normal People

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It’s been quite a week in the media for VPN providers. Two large companies have had breaches of security in some way or another and the industry dumpster fire has had a fresh poke and a few new logs chucked …

Troublesome Terminology

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When tasked with teaching employees about social engineering, the industry doesn’t half make it hard. People sat in marketing that have never sent a phishing email, or set foot in an office with a key-logger in their pocket chirp up …

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Looking For Fraud

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Here at The AntiSocial Engineer Limited we are always keen to identify the things that enable social engineers. The name is more than a play on words, our business is all about throwing the spanners into serious organised crime and …