The AntiSocial Engineer Newsletter

Hello! I am Richard, the founder of The AntiSocial Engineer and I wanted to introduce the new AntiSocial Newsletter.

The team and I have waited several years to release a newsletter due to the desire to really make them special. We wanted updates that warned people of current attacks, giveaways and guidance that organisations could benefit from. We didn’t want them to be sales tools per se, but a useful medium to inform and educate organisations and our followers.

So without further ado, some essential housekeeping and I will keep it brief:

  • The newsletters are all handled with support from MailChimp, this is the platform we chose after careful consideration and because they have yellow and black branding. MailChimp showed the most concern for data security and aligned with the GDPR. However, if you object to anything at all – every email should contain an unsubscribe option just incase.
  • You can email in (newsletter at and ask a question, it would be cool to be guided on what content you want to see.
  • Please invite people you think would benefit from learning about social engineering. It might be your manager, an elderly relative or a child, a friend that has started a small business – we want to share knowledge with the people that need it. Sign up forms are present on most pages of including the bottom of this post.

This months newsletter is a recap of our time in business so far. It has been quite the adventure over the past 5 years. I’ve really decided to open up a little recently and share some of this progression with the people that make us the business we are today. We even had some art work done on our office wall to mark the event.

An Arty Timeline

The timeline symbolises the stages of a business, from humble origins through some amazing scenarios we could never have imagined happening to a profitable and socially beneficial organisation. Check out the Timeline time-lapse and finished product video below or at

All of these developments have meant we can grow and expand as a business. With the support of our customers, it have driven us to make better products and deliver smarter services. Almost all of our profits were re-invested in the business and staff during our development stages.

New Training

We have recently launched AntiSocial Knowledge Lab which hopes to bring cybersecurity awareness and education to a larger audience. The platform offers engaging education for all at a fraction of the price of alternatives. It’s only going to get better with the addition of interactive content, virtual reality and augmented reality adventures.

AntiPhish Improved

AntiPhish has also seen improvements, we have designed hundreds of new phishing and landing page templates – none of the LonkedOn, Gaggle, Mikrosaft nonsense either! We produce realistic phishing emails, like the ones you are trying to defend against. Oh and some are devious. Especially this time of year, scammers are focussed on offering you some amazing deal in exchange for all your money.

Twitter Rants

Talking of seasonal scams, I had a little whinge on Twitter recently. It was actually from the context of ‘god these criminals become mundane’ but it got shared amongst some great organisations and used to raise awareness – Thanks Devon and Cornwall Cyber Police. Check out their Twitter header pic @DC_CyberProtect. I’ve noticed them out at real events, miles from their remit, eager to learn about emerging cyber risks.



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