Those Who Cannot Remember The Past

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Information security is a fast paced industry. Everyday, people are dropping exciting projects on GitHub, data breaches keep journalists in work, universities teach the next generation of practitioners and security companies churn out invoices. It’s all frenetic, it’s a turbo …

Pyrotechnic Pretexts

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We recently saw a video posted by the London Fire Brigade on Twitter and it got us thinking. I’m sure followers of the blog know just what we thought already… It’s probably best to rate the London Fire Brigade on …

Goodbye HTTP?

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It’s now long a long established fact that HTTP is insecure. For those who don’t know, your data isn’t securely encrypted when sent between your device and the website. The lack of security means cybercriminals can easily take a copy …

Modus Operandi

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Hackers and cybercriminals are often dubbed to be same nefarious character. Hackers are skilled individuals, sometimes without releasing what good they can do with their skills. But what really motivates someone to become a cybercriminal.

VPNs for Normal People

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It’s been quite a week in the media for VPN providers. Two large companies have had breaches of security in some way or another and the industry dumpster fire has had a fresh poke and a few new logs chucked …

Troublesome Terminology

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When tasked with teaching employees about social engineering, the industry doesn’t half make it hard. People sat in marketing that have never sent a phishing email, or set foot in an office with a key-logger in their pocket chirp up …

Layered Learning

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In our bubble of InfoSec, we can find ourselves feeling like we are fighting a loosing battle. We write perfect policies – that nobody reads and after your 5th security incident you can feel like you are bashing your head …

Blueteam Tools In My Toolbox

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From the very start of being interested in ‘hacking’ and Information Security I do wonder what influences the style, the culture… I mean we all love InfoSec redteams and the ways for a brief moment our minds provide us with …

Two Factors Of Security

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Note: Before starting this article we couldn’t miss the opportunity to recommend people to this web page should you need help setting up two factor on your accounts – Google’s announcement that 10% of users use 2-factor authentication has been …