With a range of services suitable for your existing clients, reselling our solutions makes clear business sense.

What We're Looking For In A Reseller

01. Established VAR's, MSPs or channel partners that have built their business on providing a quality service or product.

02. Businesses that want to expand on their information security and social engineering offerings, but would rather outsource this development.

03. International IT vendors - Our services can be supplied word-wide and we can even work in escrow for new clients.

04. UK Government Suppliers - We can offer significant benefits to services provided to UK Government on behalf of your awarded contract, ensure your success when working at scale.

Strategic Partner

We are always looking at the wider community and how businesses and organisations can work with us - from printers to the police!

What We're Looking For in a partner

01. Businesses and organisations that can mutually benefit from reciprocal co-operation and support.

02. IT Service providers, accountants, graphic designers, advertising gurus, banks, schools and the police make up just some of our existing strategic partners - we like diversity.

03. International organisations that would compliment our one simple business aim to stop online crime.

04. Organisations that would like to share security advice with their customers.


You probably have a lot to give, we value all skill levels so whats stopping you protect your community online?

What We're Looking For in volunteers

01. People that would like to gain experience in information security.

02. Passionate, diverse, happy people. People that want to help keep the internet a little bit safer, but don't yet know how to.

03. People that want to learn and grow with us, if you help us to help the community we can use our abilities to help you in return.

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Our Leading Solutions

Extensive Social Engineering, External Penetration and Web Application Assessments - exposing human and technical weaknesses.

AntiPhish Phishing Prevention combines educational phishing campaigns with a realistic experience.

AntiSocial Blacklist identifies if domains are likely to be used for social engineering – before an attack.

A combination of exciting learning methods that are tailored to your organisation - resulting in true security awareness.

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