Customer Case Study.



We worked with CompanyName to help them bring cyber security focussed improvements to their organisation. CompanyName are focussed on helping their customers make the most of their finances and we were keen to help protect their hard work in this important endeavour.

Overview Of Project

  • Assessments of Security
  • Awareness Building
  • Made It Harder For Hackers


Services Provided.

  • Online Recon
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Simulated Phishing Campaigns
  • Physical Security Review
  • On Site Social Engineering

We Made Positive Changes.

CompanyName made improvements over a two year process.

Security is a constantly evolving journey, they made it a focus of their organisation and learnt to run.

What Happened

  • 01 Awareness Increased

    Employees were faced with realistic social engineering methods, they had chance to learn about the underlying techniques and processes hands on. By removing the subject from the shadows we can learn together.

  • 02 IT Security Improved

    Respectful of the small, confidential details, overall IT defences and understanding from blue teams was increased. The organisation learnt from the process, making impactful changes along the way.

  • 03 Continuing Education

    Unlike most covert social engineering assessments. It was important CompanyName shared the experience with staff at all levels. Accompanied with educational pieces employees are energised to learn.

  • 04 We Identified Further Improvements

    Wise companies don’t rest on their laurels – They build on their defences and strive to continually increase defensive capabilities year on year. CompanyName remain committed to such endeavours.

"Working with The AntiSocial Engineer has been an XXX experience. It is always interesting to look at yourself through the eyes of someone else - even more so to understand what our attackers see"
Client, IT Head Customer Name


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