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What Is the yhrocu

Specialist areas of work include: cyber investigation, digital forensic examination, financial investigation and specialist intelligence resources alongside traditional detective work tackling serious drug trafficking and firearms offences across Force boundaries.

The specialist areas of work cannot be replicated within individual Forces because levels of confidentiality and costs would be prohibitive, so the four Police and Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables have invested in the Yorkshire & Humber ROCU under the lead Force control of West Yorkshire Police.

The Yorkshire & Humber ROCU is funded by the Home Office and forms part of the strategic policing requirement set for all police forces in respect of serious organised crime.

The Yorkshire & Humber ROCU works with national law enforcement agencies such as the National Crime Agency, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom’s, Crown Prosecution Service, Her Majesty’s Court and Tribunal Service, UK Visas and Immigration, Counter Terrorism Unit’s and Her Majesty’s Prison Service as well as international law enforcement partners such as Federal Bureau of Investigation, Europol and broader European Law Enforcement.

Why Are The Police Interested In Phishing?

At The AntiSocial Engineer Limited when we run educational phishing awareness campaigns with our corporate clients we see reductions in their overall click rate, improvements in reporting rates and genuine engagement from employees!

It's no secret that phishing awareness training such as AntiPhish - when done well! is proven to reduce the damaging consequences of a phishing email and it empowers users forming a strong defence. 

The police want to tap into our skills and bring free phishing campaigns to the smallest businesses in the area.

This is a pioneering scheme that hopes to remove the barriers small businesses face when wanting to conduct security testing and training.

Operational Extras

Businesses that wish to receive phishing emails will soon be able to sign up to the YHROCU's new service and receive convincing mock phishing emails. If people click on a 'malicious' link they will be forwarded to training and education on the subject of phishing.

YHROCU are focussed on helping their staff and local businesses understand the dangers of phishing emails. Together we aspire to reduce the risks by achieving an improvement of awareness within the community. We are keen to help protect their hard work and provide YHROCU with the knowledge and tools needed for this important endeavour.


"It is clear that knowledge and experience has been developed through practical application of techniques and this will help the YHROCU on a very productive journey with regards to protecting vulnerable businesses. I look forward to continuing this engagement into other projects."

- DC Chris Spinks, YHROCU

Services Supplied

  • Phishing + Custom Mailer Servers

    Sharing our own techniques and delivery mechanisms was important for effectiveness.

  • Template Design

    It’s important no one is unduly scared or inconvenienced by a phishing training email, we helped set the tone for future emails sent from the force by sharing some of our templates.

  • Basic Training

    The focal point of the project is emails will be sent solely from the control of YHROCU, no data will be seen by us. We spent time sharing how delivery should be done.

Our Leading Solutions

Extensive Social Engineering, External Penetration and Web Application Assessments - exposing human and technical weaknesses.

AntiPhish Phishing Prevention combines educational phishing campaigns with a realistic experience.

AntiSocial Blacklist identifies if domains are likely to be used for social engineering – before an attack.

A combination of exciting learning methods that are tailored to your organisation - resulting in true security awareness.

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